Love at first bite

PotatoLove is not just any ordinary potato brand – it is an innovative approach to chilled potato products.


The products shelf-life of minimal 28 days, without any concessions to the flavour and quality of the product’s fresh appearance.


Our products, pre-cooked or pre-fried, enable consumers to easily and effortlessly prepare meals, even if they are not proficient in cooking.


The potato is our base and has endless possibilities. We inspire consumers with creative options, such as added herbs, to discover new and surprising dishes with potatoes.

Our products

We have found a balance between shelf-life and taste, and as a result, our products retain the wonderful flavour and appetising appearance that you expect of fresh chilled potato products. Our new range comprises a broad selection of tasty products.

“We don’t see a spud in the mud, we see endless possibilities”

Potato Love

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the new potato brand for the European Consumer!

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